Pest control expert in New Brunswick for 25 years

Mr. Bug offers professional and guaranteed pest control services.

In Bathurst, as well as in Caraquet, Miramichi and Tracadie region and throughout northeastern New Brunswick, Mr. Bug is the team to call if you are struggling with an insect or pest infestation. Whether it's carpenter ants, mice, bed bugs, bats (or any other species of insects, rodents or small animals), call Mr. Bug, the only residential pest control expert in the area to provide you with immediate technical support and expertise.

When calling Mr. Bug Pest Control Services, you will immediately be speaking to a certified technician in extermination who will tell you what to do while waiting for the rapid response of our team of pest control specialist with 50 years of combined experience in pest control.

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Fast and Efficient Pest Control Expert

No matter what insect, rodent or animal pest problem you are facing, our certified exterminators and pest control specialists will come to your rescue within 24 hours or less after your call.
Not only are they fast, but their products are environmentally friendly, posing minimal risks to human health and the environment. In addition, all the services offered by Mr. Bug Pest Control Services are 100% guaranteed.
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Services Offered by Our Exterminator

Whether it's a problem of bees, wasps, spiders, millipedes, weevils, bats, cockroaches, beetles, woodlice, ants, mosquitoes, flies, pigeons, silverfish, fleas, bed bugs, borers, rats, mice, termites, ticks or any other species of pest, Mr. Bug's Pest Control team of exterminators will be able to solve the problem quickly, once and for all.
We will first take the time to properly identify the invasive species to deal with in order to determine which products and methods we must use. We will locate the nests and all the places and surfaces to be treated and then offer you a complete and guaranteed pest control program.

Treatment and Prevention

A member of the Canadian Pest Management Association, the company puts customer satisfaction at the heart of its priorities, including offering very competitive prices for all preventive and pest management work.

The pesticides we use are products approved by the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA). We use each of the products in accordance with the specific use for which they are intended. Furthermore, our company is fully covered by liability insurance.

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Our extermination services

Mr. Bibite offers professional and guaranteed extermination services.

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