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In Bathurst, Caraquet and Miramichi, as well as in Tracadie and northeastern New Brunswick, Mr. Bug offers fast and guaranteed pest control service for an infestation of carpenter ants.

If you have carpenter ants infesting your home, act quickly before the infestation spreads with carpenter ants multiplying in several different nests. Call us right away! We are certified and experienced pest control experts using approved products to eradicate these pests.

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Looks and habits of carpenter ants

The body of carpenter ants measures between 5 and 25 mm in length (up to 1 inch) and is divided into three segments. They have antennae at their heads and some carpenter ants will have wings during the mating period. Most carpenter ants are black, but they can also be dark brown or very dark wine red.
The parent colony grows outdoors and more than 2000 carpenter ants can be found in the colony after only 3 years. As carpenter ants seek warmth and food during the winter, satellite nests can be found in homes. Carpenter ants love the sweet, protein-rich foods that humans eat and store. The parent colony which stays outdoors in winter goes into diapause, i.e. in a state of complete inactivity.
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Carpenter ants: a danger for your wooden structural framework

As carpenter ants build their nests in structural wood or in rotten window frames, they build galleries by rejecting the wood into small wood chips. So, when carpenter ants excavate channels, the structural wood that supports your home weakens, which can be harmful in the long term. An extermination of carpenter ants is therefore highly recommended as soon as possible.

Efficient methods for exterminating carpenter ants

To put an end to a long-term infestation of carpenter ants, the exterminator will target the queen, source of the problem. The queen must be eliminated. We can place bait that the carpenter ants will bring back to the other ants in the nest, as well as to the queen. Aerosol insecticide can also be sprayed on high-risk surfaces.

But we will not only set traps and treat your home with the appropriate certified product, we will also investigate where carpenter ants have been infiltrating. We will then provide you with specific recommendations to prevent the infestation from recurring (caulking holes and cracks, removing damp wood, reducing humidity). We can also treat the exterior of your home to prevent another infestation of carpenter ants the following year.

Mr. Bug's certified exterminators will solve your problem quickly and permanently. Our carpenter ant pest control service is guaranteed (written guarantee) and is offered at a very competitive price.

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