Ant extermination in Miramichi

Trust our experienced team to quickly take care of your ant problem!

For ant extermination in Miramichi, do business with the best pest control professional team from MISTERBUG. Our experienced technicians will remove ants from your living environment or your business in a quick and efficient manner. In addition, our extermination company offers you a 1 year warranty on the extermination of carpenter and pharaoh ants, as well as a 3-12 months warranty for other types of ants. A follow-up plan which includes preventive visits is also offered.

Our team of exterminators has 45 years of combined experience in exterminating ants in residential and commercial environments. Our technicians are certified by the NB Department of the Environment and follow federal laws governing pest control products. They use pest control products that are safe upon your return for both humans and animals. These products are approved by Health Canada and have a low environmental footprint. Our number 1 priority is the safety of your family and pets.

Whether you are dealing with carpenter ants, paving ants, pharaoh ants or any other kind of ants, our specialists will get rid of the infestation problem so to that you can get back to enjoying your life in peace. For businesses or stores, we can carry out the ant extermination outside of your opening hours. Our services are fast and performed in complete discretion.

Ant extermination Miramichi
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1 year warranty extermination Miramichi

1 year warranty and follow-up plan (preventive visits)

Our 1 year written warranty on the extermination of carpenter and pharaoh ants, as well as 3 to 12 months for other types of ants is part of a commitment from us that consists of quick visits for emergency treatments (if ants reappear). In addition to this warranty, MISTERBUG offers you the opportunity to have a follow-up plan that includes monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly preventive visits. This will help to assure you that your home, store or business will no longer have any ants. We want you to have an ant extermination in Miramichi that is complete and sustainable.
We will give you specific recommendations to prevent the return of an ant infestation (IE: clogging holes and cracks, removing damp wood in the yard, reducing the humidity level in the house, etc.). In addition, we can do a treatment to the exterior of your home or business to help prevent the return of ants the following year.