Extermination of Ants in Neguac

We guarantee the extermination of carpenter and pharaoh ants for 1 year!

For an extermination of ants in Neguac, reach out to the MR. BUG team. Our technicians are certified by the Ministry of the Environment, and boast 45 years of combined experience. To eradicate ants, we use techniques and products approved by Health Canadian Pest Management Association. Our company, founded in 2009, offers ant extermination services in residential and commercial settings.

Whether it be an infestation of carpenter ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants or any other type of ant, we will know how to locate the main nest and the peripheral nests. Our methods are adapted to the type of ants needed to be exterminated, as well as to the size of the colony and the location of the nests.

Ant Exterminator Neguac
Certified exterminators Neguac

Guaranteed Results

We offer a one-year written guarantee on the extermination of carpenter and pharaoh ants (indoors), as well as a written guarantee ranging from 3 to 12 months for the extermination of other types of ants (pavement ants, red ants, black ants, etc.). This means that if ants of the same type reappear, we will redo the extermination process.
We also offer our clients a follow-up plan, including emergency treatments and preventative visits to stave off the return of these ants in your home or business. It is also possible to spray the pest control product at the foot of your house or business foundations, thus preventing ants from entering inside.
Ant Exterminator Neguac

Your safety, Our Priority

The pest control products that we use to conduct ant exterminations in Neguac have a low toxicity rate, and are used in a way that is safe for humans and pets. And since our team follows the guidelines for usage, the risks are reduced to a minimum (nearly zero). Additionally, these ant extermination products have a low impact on the environment.

Quick Intervention

With a maximum delay of 24 hours following your call or request for information by e-mail, one of our agents will contact you in order to inform you of our methods and our pricing. They will also explain how to prepare your home or business for our visit. Our team will then quickly make their way on site and proceed with the extermination of carpenter ants or any other type of ant present. Our truck is discreet.

Ant Exterminator Neguac
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