Mouse Control in New Brunswick

Protect yourself and your home against damage that mice can cause by contacting Mr. Bug Pest Control Services now, a certified mouse pest control exterminator serving the Acadian Peninsula and northeastern New Brunswick.

While cute in appearance, mice can be very harmful to you and your environment. Not only do they reproduce like flies, but they can also gnaw at your electrical wires – causing short-circuits and fires – and transmit certain diseases to humans. That is why it is important to react quickly and call our team of pest control exterminators as soon as you see one mouse.

With 25 years of combined residential and commercial pest control in northeastern New Brunswick, our certified pest control exterminators are fully equipped to help you get rid of these unwanted rodents and ensure they do not return to undermine your quality of life.

Mouse Control New Brunswick
Fast Service extermination Bathurst

Fast Service and Immediate Help

The moment you call, you will talk with a pest control extermination specialist for your mouse infestation and be advised what to do until he arrives to take over the extermination process.
So, you will not have to speak to a receptionist or to wait for a technician to return your call 24 to 48 hours later. Moreover, our team of exterminators will be on hand, ready to begin your mouse infestation treatments, within 24 hours of your call, at the latest.
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