Ant Extermination In New Brunswick

You would like to get rid of an ant problem in your home immediately? Contact Mr. Bug Pest Control Services without delay, certified ant extermination for the Acadian Peninsula and northeastern New Brunswick.

With 25 years of combined residential and commercial pest management experience in the region, our company is familiar with different ant species and is able to offer you the most effective solution for the type of ants that have invaded your home.

Whether the pest is carpenter ants, red ants, black ants, sand ants or any other ant species, our ant exterminators will target the source of the problem: the queen. Mr Bug Pest Control Services uses environmentally friendly products that pose no risk to your health and your loved ones.

Ant Extermination New Brunswick
Immediate Assistance Ant extermination Bathurst

Immediate Assistance

At Mr. Bug Pest Control Services, we are very aware of the urgency of your situation and that is why you will receive a visit from an ant pest control exterminator within a maximum of 24 hours of your call.
In addition, when you call Mr. Bug Pest Control Services, you will receive immediate assistance. You do not have to wait 24 to 48 hours until a technician calls you back, you will talk directly to an ant pest control exterminator. Our service is fast, efficient, and immediate.
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